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Sustainable Landscaping

As landscape design profesionals we feel it is important to be environmentally responsible.  CSI Lanscaping is proud to provide beautiful and cost effective sustainable landscaping services to its client.

Why Choose Sustainable Landscaping?

Sustainable landscaping reduces pollution, conserves natural resources, and maximizes ecological function, while retaining natural beauty.  It also involves minimal maintenance, reducing the amount of time, money, and labor that maintaining a typical landscape requires.

Sustainable Landscaping Design and Techniques

  • Plant Selection - "Right plant, right place."  Plants cool the soil and the air, and reduce airborne dust and erosion.  Correctly chosen plants need less trimming, reducing yard waste, and will flourish in the right environment.  They will need less water and fertilizer.
  • Type of Mulch - Organic mulches retain soil moisture and increase soil fertility.
  • Site Drainage - Careful site consideration and design are required in order to manage storm water drainage and avoid water problems.
  • Irrigation - Efficient systems are designed to conserve water while providing sufficient supply by using available rain water and moisture signals.  THese systems will not go on in the rain, and use drip and emitter heads to target the root zone of plants, rather than the foliage.
  • Hardscape Materials - HArdscape areas, such as brick patios or wood decks, reduce water needs and can be designed to drain to planted beds to conserve water and reduce runoff.
  • Landscape Lighting - Such systems require careful design to maximize safety, security, and beauty while keeping energy consumption to a minimum.
  • Landscape Maintenance - The goal is to create landscapes that require minimal maintenance, are not chemically dependent and do not create excessive amounts of yard waste.
  • Equipment - Power trimmer equipment is updated or replaced every year to ensure lower fuel use, noise pollution, and emissions.  CSI trucks use biodiesel fuel and are equipped with emission efficient motors.

Why Choose CSI forSustainable Landscaping?

CSI Landscaping has been serving the tri-state area for over 25 years as a full service maintenance and installation company.  THe company has been nationally recognized for its ingenuity and innovative landscaping techniques, and is committed to providing creative, functional, and environmentally responsible design solutions for its clients.